Employee Rights

  • Adopting the Code of Business Ethics and working principles,
  • Supporting the abolition of forced labor and child labor,
  • Ensuring that there is no discrimination in recruitment and employment,
  • Displaying a responsible attitude towards our employees in ensuring work and private life balance.


Occupational Health and Safety

  • Prioritising occupational health and safety,
  • Sharing information about the health, safety and environmental impacts of our products and services with our customers in a transparent and systematic way.


Information Security

  • Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility features of information and increasing our stakeholders awareness of information security.


Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery

  • Implementing anti-corruption and anti-bribery measures as our primary responsibility,
  • Improving our processes to ensure in a way that pays regard to anti-irregularity and anti-bribery in our business activities.


Way of Doing Business in Full Compliance with Legal Regulations

  • Adopting a way of doing business in full compliance with legal regulations,
  • Fully integrating the principles of transparency, honesty, responsibility and accountability in corporate governance.


Relations with Stakeholders and Society

  • Communicating with our stakeholders in a transparent, participatory and trustworthy manner in all our activities,
  • Coordinating our social, environmental and economic impacts proactively with our stakeholders,
  • Shaping and diversifying our contribution to society in line with our social responsibility strategies,
  • Promoting and disseminating the sustainability approach.



Effective Use of Natural Resources and Realization of Less Waste

  • Improving our business practices for effective use of natural resources,
  • Reducing non-necessary water use,
  • Doing studies in accordance with the principle of reduction of waste at source,
  • Managing the wastes with the principle of zero storage in nature and creating economic value through reuse or recovery,
  • Carrying out our activities in accordance with the principle of "not polluting instead of cleaning".


Energy and Carbon Management

  • Supporting the fight against global climate change,
  • Reducing the emission of all greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide, originating from our activities,
  • Using renewable and efficient energies,
  • Controlling and reducing our environmental impacts with our environmental management system.


Environmentally Friendly Products and Services

  • Aiming at being environmentally friendly, safe, solid and of high quality while developing our products and services,
  • Taking into consideration the impacts of our products and services throughout their life cycle.



Value Chain Management Applications

  • Producing and distributing products with higher economic value,
  • Promoting competitive advantage and ensuring sustainable profitability based on continuous improvement in our value chain,
  • Ensuring the continuity of our products and services,
  • Ensuring the compliance of our suppliers with basic human rights, equality of opportunities and our business ethic principles,
  • Working with suppliers that comply with all legal regulations regarding working environment, working hours and remuneration.