Seçil Kauçuk offers coated, colored, sponge, thread, banded and co-extruded gaskets, which can be obtained with different production techniques as well as classic black gaskets from its wide product range for its customers who are meticulous, aesthetically concerned or looking for a difference.

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Seçil Kauçuk manufactures and supplies sealing gaskets of pipes and similar transport systems used in infrastructure systems in many different forms and purposes in terms of production materials and qualities and the materials used are in accordance with the Europan quality standards.

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Home Appliance

Seçil Kauçuk carries out its production in accordance with the demands of its customers with various parts and similar products produced for washing machines, dishwashers, coolers and ovens.

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Seçil Kauçuk has made the necessary investments in order to produce the rubber parts and meet the insulation product needs of the automotive industry at the highest possible level and aims at making a significant difference in the gasket sector, and produces automotive sealing profiles used by the industry.

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Energy & Industry

In Turkey, Seçil Kauçuk is the "first" manufacturer of a variety of products in this sector and "the only" manufacturer of the majority of the products, such as rubber T, sleeves, elbows and blind plugs which are especially solar energy fasteners and has been operating continuously since 1983, when it first began its manufacturing activities.

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