Home Appliance

When You Use Seçil Kauçuk’s Home Appliance Seals:

  • While your washing machine and dishwasher are running, they will not leak water, you will not suffer electrical malfunctions due to leakage, and your goods will not be damaged. You will not suffer undesired accidents.
  • You will use seals, none of which will harm human health and which are designed from raw materials in accordance with European Health and Chemical (REACH) Regulations and manufactured from chemicals approved by accredited laboratories.
  • The heat generated when your oven is operating cannot pass through Seçil Kauçuk’s seals, and your oven performs cooking more effectively.
  • You will not suffer any customer dissatisfaction and loss caused by seals in the home appliance you use or produce.
  • You will not bear the costs of recall and repair due to seals in the home appliance products you produce.
  • Three largest home appliance manufacturer used widely in Turkey use Seçil Kauçuk’s seals as well. Thus, you have a seal which fulfils its task completely in almost all the houses in Turkey.
  • By using Seçil Kauçuk’s home appliance seals, you have a seal that has undergone minimum 300 hours of accelerated life testing. This period corresponds to 10 years in real life.