When You Use Seçil Kauçuk’s Infrastructure Seals:

  • You do not bear the cost of making it again and again in your infrastructure and tunnel projects due to seals. You fully comply with your commitments.
  • According to the stress relaxation test results, you have a seal that performs its duty for nearly 100 years.
  • You can extend the life of your projects by using Seçil Kauçuk’s long-life infrastructure seals.
  • In the areas where our seals are used, you prevent epidemic caused by leakage and protect human and environmental health.
  • Seçil Kauçuk’s infrastructure seals are subjected to approximately 200 tests. In this way, you use reliable seals that perform their duties under all conditions.
  • You use infrastructure seals that are produced according to EN 681-1 norms and whose tests are carried out according to this norm.