Energy & Industry

Solar Energy and Installation

Seçil Kauçuk is the "first" manufacturer of many products in this sector and "the only" manufacturer of most products, especially with names such as rubber T, sleeves, elbows and blind plugs which are especially solar energy fasteners and has been operating continuously since 1983, when it first began its manufacturing activities.

Fittings made of EPDM rubber, which is the polymer with the highest resistance to ultraviolet, ozone and outdoor weather conditions, are offered to customers after being processed in our injection press and compression machines.

Considering its fitness for the purpose, Seçil Kauçuk`s production with high performance materials and persistently above current standards in this sector, where quality standards are not fully matured yet, has also enabled it to serve the big companies of Germany today.

Industrial Products

Special seals and rubber products, which are not mass-produced in the market and require high technical knowledge and which provide solutions to different problems in many different uses for sectors such as business machinery and equipment, construction, etc., constitute this group.