Human Resources

Our HR Policy

Seçil Kauçuk `s Human Resources Policy is based on;

  • Being the employer that qualified workforce wants to work in all the regions where it operates,
  • Making a choice regardless of religion, language, race, age, gender, from a global perspective in recruitment,
  • Providing the necessary environment and opportunity for its employees and their families to develop continuously and to reveal their true potential,
  • Guiding the progress of its employees while being aware that each employee is the leader of her/his own business,
  • Making open communication by closely monitoring employee performance,


Our Training and Development Principles

The talents and ideas demonstrated by our employees are valued and these values are utilized in Seçil Kauçuk. In this regard, we support our employees with the "Star of Seçil" and "Personnel of the Month" awards. We support the development of all our employees with the "Leadership and Let`s Know Ourselves" training program, which has been going on for many years to ensure the continuous development of leadership potential, including blue collar personnel. Depending on the need, on-the-job training programs are implemented through working with many local and national institutions that provide prestigious training and consultancy services.

Career and Talent Management

At Seçil Kauçuk, we attach great importance to the career development of our employees. Identifying the development needs of our employees and providing them with career opportunities are among our fundamental policies.

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