On our journey to excellence since 1983, we are a global brand that produces and provide products and services to more than 50 countries, especially in the Home Appliance, Automotive, Construction and Infrastructure sectors with our production facilities in Turkey and Belarus thanks to the importance we attach to quality, success and innovation

Offering industrial rubber products to Turkey and the world, Seçil has proved its quality through acquiring national and internationally recognized quality certificates and continues its cooperation with quality organizations that are accredited worldwide. Seçil Kauçuk, which has reached out to the world not only with its wide production capacity but also with the power of its logistics based on the principles of “right place, right price, right amount, right time”, has many branches and distributorships in Europe and the Middle East, especially in Germany, Poland, Belgium and Belarus and exports to more than 50 countries.

Operating on a total area of 70,000 square meters, approximately 30 thousand square meters of which is closed area, Seçil Kauçuk carries out all necessary production processes from design and modelling to packaging. Seçil, which produces profiles with different features, especially co-extrusion, using extruders of different capacities in shock tunnel microwave, salt bath, EPDM, TPV and silicone lines, also offers sectoral rubber parts with press and injection presses and performs injection processes of extrusion products.

Seçil Kauçuk R&D, which has one of the most advanced R&D laboratories in the sector in Turkey, became the R&D Center of the company in 2017. Seçil Kauçuk carries out the quality control analyses required by the different sectors in the R&D laboratory internally with advanced technological devices, for both the paste in different formulations prepared in the mixing facilities and the final product. Seçil Kauçuk continues its quality journey by focusing on advancement and development.



Providing permanent values to vehicles and infrastructures that facilitate social life with sustainable growth.


Becoming a global brand that develops sealing solutions for structures and vehicles that will enable people to live a more comfortable life.